Getting You and Your Vehicle Home Safely and Risk Free. 

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Welcome To Reliable DD

Reliable DD SUVReliable DD Incorporated is the Most Respected, Fastest Growing and Widely Used Designated Driver Service in the Greater Toronto Area and Durham Region. We are the number one choice for service to Get You and Your Vehicle Home Safely and Risk Free after a night of intoxication.


Our company operates in The Greater Toronto Area, which includes Durham Region and Surrounding Areas.  We are not a taxi company; however, we are in the business of supplying you with a Designated Driver to get you and your car home from the event you have been to. We dispatch one car with two drivers. One driver will drive you and your guests home in your own vehicle, while the other car follows behind to pick your driver up at the end of the ride.


At Reliable DD Incorporated, we are focused on providing incomparable service, friendly customer service, and the most secure confidential service to our customers that seperates our company apart from the rest and puts us on top of the industry. We offer a very unique solution at very cost efficient and affordable price.


Using our service will save you money in overnight parking fees, unwanted parking tickets or towing charges, 2-way taxi fares, gives you the convenience of not having to pick up your vehicle the next day, and most importantly the possibility DUI/DWI charge.


A Reliable Designated Driver Team will come to where you are at ANY Location.  Our Team will pick you and your vehicle up.  You hand over your keys and we get you home in the Comfort of your Own Vehicle Safe and Sound. It's that easy. 


We will be right there when you need us!  Schedule us in Advance or Call Last Minute!  Our concern as a company, is to get you Home Safe and Sound! Don't take risks, Let Reliable DD Be Your Safe Ride Home. 


Reliable DD is Economically Priced and Fully Insured.  We offer Affordable Rates and Exclusive Promotions that no one else offers!  We are the same price of a cab, if not cheaper!  The Cost is nothing compared to the RISK involved in driving home intoxicated. 


No more Expensive Cab Rides 2 ways and no need to retrieve your vehicle the next day after your time out.  Get to your function in your own vehicle and get home in your own vehicle.  Why pay 2 way cab fares when you can take us 1 way at half the cost?

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